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Ice Cream Day!! (While the cat is away part 1)

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Who has two thumbs and loves ice cream? This guy!

ice cream day

As you probably saw in my last post we are taking full advantage of David and Vicki being gone for the next week.  It started with Ice Cream and Summer Movie Trivia Day!

Everyone brought in their favorite toppings…

ice cream day 2  

While everyone was enjoying their ice cream we also held a summer movie trivia contest which was won by the team of Matt, Greg and Heather!  Here is a sampling of the questions.   Let’s see how many of these you know!

1) What was the name of the boat used to track the shark in “Jaws”?

2) What supermodel followed the Griswolds across country in the original “Vacation”?

3) What NYC neighborhood was the setting for “Do the Right Thing”?

4) Who was the real killer in the original Friday the 13th?

5) What was the name of the beast in “The Sandlot”?

Keep a look out for more from our week of fun!

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