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Social Media Marketing Advisor Receives Inbound Marketing Certification

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In marketing there is always something new to learn. Whether you’re interested in blogging, analytics, social media or sales, new content and ideas are always available

At Haley Marketing, we believe in the importance of keeping up with the most current knowledge and ensure that all of our Marketing Analysts have a strong understanding of relevant content that can be used to better our clients.

As the newest Social Media Marketing Advisor, Maggie completed the Inbound Marketing Certification. This certification consisted of a variety of webinars discussing how to attract, convert and delight ones’ potential leads. From this series I gained insight on trends in inbound marketing as well as strategies to help benefit potential and existing customers. After nine lessons, a comprehensive exam must be passed in order to gain the certification.

The certification acknowledges expertise in the principles of Inbound Marketing, including:

  • Optimizing for both websites and visitors
  • Best blogging practices
  • Social Media engagement
  • Creating meaningful content
  • How to effectively create and utilize landing pages
  • The benefits of a strong call-to-action
  • Building and nurturing relationships
  • Smarketing, the alignment of sales and marketing
  • Cultivating happy customers
  • Measuring and analyzing results and ROI

At Haley Marketing, we value the importance of continuing to learn and staying current on industry news. We take the time to read blogs, watch webinars and gain certifications in the areas we believe are most valuable to not only our company, but to you.

If you have any questions regarding Haley Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Blogging or the most up-to-date Inbound Marketing tactics, please feel free to contact Maggie directly.

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