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Your website has great content. What now?

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When you have a content marketing strategy in place, the next question to ask yourself is, “What should I do with all of this great content?”

Producing great content is essential for a company. But why stop there? When you have this information, you should take it one step further: share the content. There are many social media platforms and industry forums to share content in, and (almost always) the more you share, the better.

It’s great to share the content on company platforms, nurturing relationships with those people who follow the company on that particular outlet. You can take this a step further though, and share it with people outside of this network. By sharing content on your personal LinkedIn profile, and in groups related to your industry on LinkedIn, you open the door to reaching hundreds or thousands of people who may not have known about your company otherwise.

One strategy we love to share with our clients is to promote this idea to your internal employees. If you have ten employees, who each have 100 unique LinkedIn connections, and they all share a piece of content to their personal networks, that is 1,000 impressions. Multiply this by more employees, sharing different pieces of content on a regular bases, on several social media platforms, and you’re sure to see the impact.

One important factor to note is that different social media platforms attract different users, and to build a following on these platforms, it is best to cater your content to the audience. Here’s a breakdown of the most popular social media sites and what users are looking for on each site:

  • Facebook – Users are looking for a more personal experience, and want not only news, but to learn about your company’s culture and brand. Sharing posts about employees tends to result in more engagement.

  • Twitter – Users are looking for news. The life of a tweet is very short, as is the tweet itself, so be direct and share content that will catch the eye of someone scrolling quickly through their feed.

  • LinkedIn – More professional than the first two platforms, users are looking to make industry contacts and read content relevant their their professional life. Sharing on business pages, personal profiles and in groups are great ways to build professional relationship and establish a strong online brand.

What does sharing content do for you personally? It helps to build your reputation and establish your reputation. The more reliable content you share, and the more you can join in conversations surrounding the content, the better. Industry leaders share thoughts and ideas, comment on news and push original content out to their networks. Take advantage of this great opportunity and build your online presence by sharing valuable content. Become a thought leader.

The conversation is happening – so join in. If you’re interested in learning more about ways for your employees to share great content on LinkedIn, look out for our upcoming article on simple strategies for sharing. For more great information on social media, watch our Social is a Science webinar from our library today!

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