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25 Ways to Lose Followers on Facebook

25 Reasons Your Staffing Firm is Losing Facebook Followers | Haley Marketing Group
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25 Ways Your Staffing Firm Can Lose Facebook Followers | Haley Marketing Group

Let’s get to the point. No one likes to lose Facebook followers.

Getting down to the sole reason people are making a conscious effort to unlike your page is crucial to re-evaluating your overall social media strategy and to ultimately improve your content strategy.

At Haley Marketing Group, our social media team analyzes the analytics on social media pages for staffing firms across the country. The constant tracking of content and data helped us compile this list. Is your firm committing some of these Facebook engagement mistakes?  

25 Reasons Your Staffing Firm is Losing Facebook Followers


  1. Your posts have nothing to do with your services or offerings.

  2. You do not post content frequently .

  3. You don’t engage with fans and answer their questions/concerns.

  4. Your content isn’t shareable.

  5. You sound like a robot. No life to your page!

  6. Posts are just click-bait with 0 substance to them.

  7. Now Hiring! We’re Hiring! HIRING!!! You post a ton of jobs.

  8. You don’t pay attention to engagement stats.

  9. You get political or take an extremist approach on a topic.

  10. You ignore feedback.

  11. You get a lot of negative reviews and no positive reviews.

  12. ME!! OVER HERE!! You’re too self-serving.

  13. You’re too salesy.

  14. You don’t follow through on contests or social offerings.

  15. You get defensive with negative comments instead of correcting the issue.

  16. You’re using a personal page for business instead of a business page.

  17. You ask your audience for too much. Constant polls, referrals, etc.

  18. You post the same exact content on every platform.

  19. You repost the same stuff other companies are posting.

  20. Ha! Did You See What XYZ Firm Did?! You badmouth competitors.

  21. You never grew your following to begin with. 

  22. Your content is poorly written or full of writing errors.

  23. You don’t post content that is relevant to your audience’s interests.

  24. You don’t post any content tailored to your local market/community.

  25. *Yawn*…Your content is boring.

Is your company losing Facebook followers? Don’t get discouraged! We’re here to help.

The articles below are packed with tips on improving your Facebook marketing efforts. If these articles lead to more questions, contact the expert social media team at Haley Marketing Group.  

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