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It’s Time to Get That Supportive Feeling

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Support is not a 4-letter word!

But when you have a technical problem, or you’re fighting with WordPress, or you just have a question you can’t answer, you may be muttering a few colorful words. And that’s why the Haley Marketing support team is here!

100% satisfaction for the last 100 tickets!

If you recently reached out to us, you may be one of the nearly 100 support tickets we received in the past week. And given that we’ve received a 100% satisfaction rating for all these tickets, I’m pretty confident that we were able to help you find the right solution.

So how can we help you now?

Well, let start by taking a look at one example of a support ticket we received last week, “How do I add recruiter bios to my job postings?”

This is a question we get a lot. In fact, the most common questions we receive are about using the features of Haley Marketing’s job board software and the integrations we have with 23 different ATS providers.

Now let me show you how easy it is to find answers questions like this.

Support option 1: HelpMe Haley

Did you know that our free help center offers more than 120 articles, training videos and user manuals? If you want to know how to add recruiter bios to your job listings, just visit our help center and search for “Recruiter Bios.” You’ll instantly find the answer to your question.

Support option 2: Open a Ticket

If for some reason you can’t find the answer you’re seeking in our help center knowledge base, you can open a ticket with our support team by clicking on the green “Support Ticket” envelope.

Our support team is available 8:30 am to 5:00 pm eastern. While we can’t promise instant response, we do our best to respond to every ticket as quickly as we can. Once we receive your inquiry, our support team with diagnose your issue, let you know what we need to do next, and then escalate your request to the appropriate Haley Marketing team members.

Support option 3: Live chat

Want to chat with our team right away? Visit haleymarketing.com and look to the bottom right of the screen. You’ll see the purple online chat bar and a notice telling you whether or not we’re online. If you see that we are online, just type your message and we’ll start chatting. And if we’re offline, you can still leave us a message.

We are committed to “share-worthy service”

Our goal is to provide service that is so good you want to tell others about it. Are we perfect? Last week we were, but not always. The one thing we can promise is that we will always be as responsive as we possibly can.

The next time you’re thinking of “support,” hopefully you’ll think of the many different ways that Haley Marketing can give you that supportive feeling.


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