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Repurposing Blog Content – Build a Content Marketing Strategy

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A content marketing strategy has many parts, and differs for every company. For example, a strategy may include:

In this case, there may be many stages to the strategy, all with one end goal. It takes each of these pieces to create the complete strategy needed to reach that goal.

So, you’re blogging. You post content to your site regularly, adding pages to your website and valuable content for your audience.

And then you just let it sit there.

Don’t get me wrong – blogging is great. It has search engine optimization value and can help your website show in search results. It adds resources to your website that your existing audience can utilize to find answers for their problems.

But you’re missing out on a lot of potential.

What if you could share your blog content with potential clients and candidates you have never spoken to, and who may not have ever heard your company’s name before? What if you could reach cold leads, people who have heard of your services but forgotten or failed to convert?

You can.

The answer is social media.

Social media has been growing – and continues to grow – significantly. For businesses, this means huge amounts of potential for reaching your audience and staying top-of-mind.

When you write a blog post, you have a potential reach via existing blog users and traffic from search engines. When you share that blog content on your company Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ pages, you significantly expand your reach and have the opportunity to stay in touch with social media followers. When you share that blog content in larger groups that may not follow your company in any way, such as Google+ or LinkedIn groups, you expand your reach even more.

Now what?

You’re already blogging, so start sharing. Create company pages and personal profiles, and share your content. If you need help creating a sharing strategy, let us help:

Social Media: A Game Plan for Staffing and Recruiting Firms eBook

Social is a Science Webinar

Social Media Wake Up Call

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