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Adobe® Releases A Major Upgrade To Its Acrobat Software Packages

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Earlier this month, Adobe® released a significant update to its Acrobat Package. This new release not only provides a new interface, it also offers cloud-based subscription and a new app with hopes to lure back users who switched over to cheaper third-party editors.


It is important to note that there are different versions of Acrobat software that allow you to complete different types of tasks. First, there is Acrobat Reader. Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is free for anyone to download and use, allows you to:

  • View a pdf
  • Search a pdf
  • Comment in a pdf
  • Complete a form field in a pdf
  • Sign a pdf


Acrobat Reader DOES NOT allow you to create a pdf –without purchasing Adobe’s PDF creation services. If you need to create, edit or ad form fields to a pdf, then you need Adobe Acrobat Standard DC or Adobe Acrobat Pro DC.


The Standard and Pro packages allow you to perform all the functions you can in Reader, but additionally they offer the ability to:

  • Create pdfs
  • Edit pdfs
  • Add interactivity


Some of the difference between the Standard and Pro versions include the ability to work with and include audio, video and other rich media in your pdf document.


The Standard and Pro packages are available either as a monthly subscription-based use account or as a flat fee stand-alone purchase.


Now that we have defined the differences in the three offerings, let’s look at what this new release seeks to accomplish. There are significant improvements to:

  • Electronic Signature Services,
  • Improved Integration with mobile devices,
  • Font matching for better editing capabilities (Standard and Pro versions),
  • Improved OCR recognition, and
  • Adobe would really like users to switch back to their reader and therefore has significantly improved the interface of all three versions.


Document Cloud is a subscription-based cloud service unto itself. It does not interact with any other cloud service out there, and while it may seem annoying to think about subscribing to and managing another cloud service, it does offer a solution to save all your pdfs to one location and see them listed as “recent files” from any device, offering better document management. Its advisable to call professionals like the Ne Connected for your small software business.

This is just a brief look at some of the changes you will notice when upgrading or switching over to Adobe’s Document Cloud Reader or apps. Haley Marketing’s Creative Team has been actively testing and exploring how new releases like these can improve interactions –not only in our workflow with you, but with how you interact with your clients and candidates to share information.

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