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Are You Measuring the Success of Your Tweets?

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Are You Measuring The Success of Your Tweets
A social media strategy is only truly effective if you can measure what is (and more importantly what isn’t) working. When it comes to measuring the success of an individual program it is important to look not only at the big picture, evaluating the effectiveness of all components of the puzzle, but also to look at individual social platforms to see the impact your message is having. 

Using Twitter Analytics to Measure Tweet Activity

Let’s get started. Before we continue, in a separate window visit https://analytics.twitter.com/. Upon arriving, Sign in with Twitter and fill in your profile login credentials. You will be redirected to an About Analytics landing page where you can select Get Started.

Twitter Analytics account overview for bradbialy

The dashboard at the top of the analytics screen provides a general 28 day summary comparing your most recent activity to the prior period. You’ll see from my report that my Impressions (Times a user was served my Tweet in their timeline or search results), Followers, and Tweets linking to me increased over this period. At the same time, my Total Tweets, Profile visits, and Mentions decreased. 

Scrolling through your dashboard, you will continue to see top activity throughout individual months. This is important for your organization as it provides critical data into what you are doing right. It also shows you the Top Follower who started following you that month. As a tip, reach out to your top followers and strike up some conversation. Staying connected with leading influencers on Twitter can help you continue to grow your following (A RT from an account with 1.42M followers can really have a nice short-term impact on follower growth).

Looking Further into Twitter Analytics

At the top of the Analytics dashboard click Tweets. This will take you to a new report which shows daily Twitter activity. In terms of impressions, you’ll see that in my report May 1 was the leading day in my 28 day report. 
Tweet Activity analytics for @bradbialy
Now what? While knowing what days were successful is great, the next step is to scroll back to May 1 to see exactly what was tweeted that day that generated these results.

In my case, the following tweet was responsible for 1,815 impressions and was engaged with 157 times, 116 media clicks (people wanted to see the picture full screen), 16 detail clicks, 9 link clicks, 8 favorites, 4 retweets, and 4 user profile clicks. The success really came from being Retweeted by @theshirtND the official twitter account of the Notre Dame shirt that I was bragging about getting as a present. This ties back to the point I made earlier…Reach out to your influencers, good things will happen if you do.

Understanding Follower Growth

The last part of Twitter Analytics that I want to cover is follower growth. At the top of the Twitter analytics dashboard select Followers. While this is an excellent way to quickly see the amount of followers you’ve gained over the time your account has been active, the most important part of this page is the Interests sections. Twitter is crowded and getting through the clutter is a challenge.

How can you make sure your content is engaging for your specific audience? Tweet about what their interested in! Again using my profile as an example, my audience is most interested in Music, Comedy, Music News, and Movie News. Go through this same process and find what your staffing firm’s audience is interested in. Along with tweeting top resources and blog articles that your company creates, also share quality content that relates to your followers. Not only will this help drive engagement, but it will humanize your account making it more likely for users to follow and interact with you in the future. 

Followers   Twitter Ads


Using Twitter Analytics is one of the best ways to measure the effectiveness of your initiatives on Twitter. Taking the time to track and measure what is (and is not) working can help you understand your audience and ultimately help you create an engaging strategy that drives users to your account and back to your website.


At Haley Marketing Group, our social media team understands the benefits of utilizing Twitter and Social Media in your marketing strategy. Need some additional assistance on understanding and growing your current account? Contact the experienced social media advisors at Haley Marketing Group.  

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