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What is High-Quality Content?

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We tell our clients and audiences all the time, “get out there and share your high-quality original content!” But the response comes back sometimes in the form of a question.

“What is high-quality content?”

Fair question!

Content is anything of value that your company produces to keep its audience engaged. Some examples include:


the list goes on and on!

So how can you tell if your content is high quality? Ask yourself these four questions before posting it:

  1. Is this content interesting to my audience?
    If your audience doesn’t care about your content – no matter how fascinating or important it may seem to you – it’s not going to be beneficial. Scrap the long-winded political Facebook posts on your company page, and opt for a blog about industry trends your organization is up-to-date on.
  1. Does this content offer value to my audience?
    Can your audience learn something from the content you’re posting or sharing, or does it exist solely as a pitch for your services? If there is no immediate or obvious benefit to them, there is no point in sharing it for them to see – they just won’t care.
  1. Is this content original?
    We’ve all read the blog post about how your firm stands out above the rest. *yawn* What else is new? How about a video that breaks down your interview process, a blog post that explains exactly how you place top candidates, or a series of social media graphics that give statistics on the industries you place job seekers in? These are examples of content that often isn’t seen by people in the market for a new job or looking to partner with an agency, and immediately sets you above the crowd in their eyes.
  1. Does this content lead anywhere else?
    If your content is high quality, it should entice your audience to take action from there, whether they contact you to know more about a service, read another blog post, or even simply “like” your social media content, there should be a clear action they can take to further their knowledge from your content. If you do not offer a clear, simple and comprehensible next step to your audience, your content might be lacking.

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