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What Can We Learn from Those Goals?

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BlogHeader What can we do to learn from those goals
A couple of weeks ago, we talked about setting goals. If you haven’t set them yet, then let’s do it now. When you have goals for your staffing company, then we can take the next step here at the Haley Marketing Group by taking those goals to your website. 

Google Analytics allows us to set goals, and they can provide a lot of value.

I know the word analytics can scare people off but stay with me here for a second.

At the Haley Marketing Group, part of our blogging program is to help set goals for your website and analyze website traffic. Google provides a lot of data, some of which can be overwhelming if you aren’t well-versed in looking at all of the line graphs, pie charts and numbers. When you dig into those numbers, the results can be very enlightening.

One thing we can do with those numbers is to see how the goals of your staffing company (getting more candidates for example) are being met through the traffic to your website. When a company starts any of our projects, one of the first questions we ask is “What is your goal?” From the answer to that question, we can then proceed with the best strategy possible. When it’s the blog writing program or social media marketing, then we can see what the data on the website is saying

Google allows us to set goals to monitor the behavior of visitors to a website. One goal that we find very useful is tracking every user who clicks on a blog and seeing where they go after reading the content. Does the user go to the Job Board? Does the user click on the Contact Us page? Does the user leave the website? 

We could also look at pages that have forms on them. How many people are going to the page and how many people are actually filling out the page? If that percentage of people filling out the page is low, why is it low? Are there too many fields? Is it too time-consuming? What can we do to make it better?

If a company is really focusing on social media (and you should be), then we can see how many visitors are coming from each social media outlet (Facebook, LinkedIn,etc.) and what they are doing when on your website. 

All of those numbers show us if your goals are being met. If the goals are being met, we can always do better. If the goals aren’t being met, then we can take a step back and change some strategies.

Have a goal and make a plan to work toward that goal. Aimlessly throwing darts at the dartboard isn’t productive for anyone in the long term. Even if it works, we won’t know why.

What we do know is that we have a lot of data and experience to pull from by working with hundreds of clients. We know what tactics and strategies should work when pairing them with your goals.  

Let’s set goals now and work toward achieving them in the second half of 2015.

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