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The Most Effective SEO Tactics for Staffing Firms

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The Most Effective SEO Tactics for Staffing Firms BlogHeader

A recent survey of 286 marketing, sales and business professionals (conducted by Ascend2) highlights the most effective, and most difficult, SEO tactics for businesses. 


Key Takeaways for Staffing Firms:

Relevant Content is Key
The survey respondents noted that “Relevant Content Creation” is the single most effective SEO strategy today. This isn’t surprising. For the last several years, Google and the other search engines have become huge proponents of websites that include original and relevant content.  

The survey noted that creating relevant content is also seen as one of the hardest things to do.  The real challenge here is that word “relevant.”  In order for your site’s content to be relevant, you want to make sure that you’re writing about topics of interest that garner traffic, likes, shares, etc. When Google looks at relevance, they examine all of these factors. They look at on-page activities (bounce rates, time on site, total traffic), as well as off page activities like inbound links, social sharing, etc.  In order to be relevant you need to constantly seek out topics of interest, examine user behavior, and refine your content strategy.  When we write content for our clients, these are all factors we look at on a monthly basis.  We also suggest using tools like buzzsumo.com which allow you to research keywords to see what content/titles are getting the most social interaction (a good indicator of relevant topics).  

Relevant Link Building is Hard
Yep, it sure is!  Building links that are real, authentic and reputable is hard stuff.  In the past, come companies would just buy links from link farms. Then Google caught up and demoted a lot of websites for this practice (don’t buy links, it will hurt more than help). So how do you go about building links? It ties directly to the first point–create relevant content.  If you create content that resonates with your audience, they will share it. Also, look to create content in different forms. Infographics or white papers are great ways to develop content that people want to share and link to. Finally, look at the associations you belong to and make sure each of their websites link to you.  

Frequent Website Updating

The third most effective SEO strategy from this survey was frequent website updates. If your website is built on a Content Management Platform (CMS) like WordPress, this will be mush easier. This doesn’t mean that you continually have to change the look of the site, or drastically rewrite each page every few months. It simply means you need a plan in place to continually add new content. We have seen blogging to be the most effective strategy here. It allows you the chance to create hundreds of keyword rich, relevant pages on your site in a relatively short period of time.  

Get Help if You Need It
Search engine traffic accounts for a huge amount of our clients’ overall website traffic. Companies that have a solid SEO foundation are getting traffic from people searching for the exact services they offer. If you don’t currently rank well in search engines or have a hard time developing relevant content, get help. And if you have any questions or would like additional guidance just let us know.

As a leader in SEO for Staffing (<– that’s a keyword-rich link), we would be happy to help.  

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