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Don’t Be Antisocial: How to Breathe Life Into Your Business with Social Media

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Identity is more than something LifeLock protects, or a bearable Ray Liota movie. Take it from a man who chose his own name at the age of two – identity is personality. It’s character; it’s what people will remember about someone. Identity is one of the few nonmaterial commodities a person or even a business has that can never be taken away. Social media is one way a business can breathe life into their business, and establish a true personality.

Identity is much more than a name and a function. Many business owners think it’s enough to provide high-quality service under a meaningful name. While those factors create the body of a company, those businesses still lack a public identity or personality. A great social media presence can provide that sense of personality many businesses lack.

Think of a business as a human being. It’s great that it survives and produces, but if it doesn’t communicate with the outside world, it’s kind of a recluse, isn’t it? Social media gives a business the social skills it needs to get ahead in life. Reflect on yourself for a moment. Social skills are crucial to a person’s development and most likely their career. Why is a business any different?

Making connections with customers will keep you top-of-mind. Staying top-of-mind could grant you recommendations to prospective clients or customers, allow you to problem solve with clients, and address feedback, promote your marketing efforts, and actively find new prospects.

Here are a few benefits that a successful social media campaign can provide:

  • Reviews – Social media sites like Facebook allow users to leave reviews for other visitors to see. Displaying positive reviews and testimonials could convince prospective clients to choose your business.
  • Memorable Posts – Not all posts have to be business-oriented or related to promotional topics. If you can create a memorable post, prospective and existing clients will remember your business.
  • Feedback – Social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook allow users start a conversation with businesses. Adopting another platform to answer questions and problem solve with visitors will go a long way in terms of customer service, staying top-of-mind, and creating a company identity.

Is social media the answer to all of your problems? No. Will it yield immediate sales? Probably not. But a strong social media effort will demonstrate an effort on your behalf to the outside world, and will at least give you a chance to connect with other users — hopefully new clients and customers. Think of it this way: if you never show up to the party, you’re guaranteed not to meet anyone.

Need help creating an online persona or identity that gets results? Contact one of Haley Marketing’s dedicated professionals today, and see what Haley can do for you!

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