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Why Should People “Like” or “Follow” You on Social Media?

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Your staffing agency wants followers on your Facebook page.

You want followers on your LinkedIn company page. You want these same people to connect with your personal profile on LinkedIn. While they’re at it, why don’t they follow you on Twitter? And YouTube.

But, why?

Why should one employer or job seeker connect with you on so many platforms?

What benefit do you provide that user on each of the various platforms? Think about it this way – what does it take for you to follow a company or brand on multiple social media platforms?

The answer: they provide value.

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You want to follow these different pages on social media because they are of interest to you – maybe they are answering questions you have, maybe they are keeping you up-to-date on information related to a topic you are interested in, or maybe you trust the company and just want to stay updated on news.

Taking this into consideration, why should users follow your personal or company social media pages?

Here are a few value-adds that your company can incorporate into your social sharing strategy to provide value to users and make them want to follow your pages:

  • You share news related to your company’s community involvement.
  • You share insight into your company’s culture.
  • You share events, such as job fairs, that your audience may want to participate in.
  • You share content that answers questions your target audience is searching for information on.
  • You share a variety of content; not just an endless feed of jobs, but a mix of content that is relevant to your readers.
  • You share content that is interesting to your audience, regardless of their current employment status.
  • You share insightful posts about content your target audience wants to read.
  • The content you share is engaging and interesting.
  • The content you share is presented in an aesthetically pleasing fashion (hint: graphics and video are increasing in popularity!).
  • You reshare industry or geographically-related content from other sources.
  • Your content links back to your site, making it easy for users to get in touch with you for more information.

If you want to increase your likes and follows, the first step is to consider what value you are offering to users on social media. Create engaging content that proves this value to your target audience.

For more tips on creating a social strategy, download our eBook: Social Media: A Game Plan for Staffing and Recruiting Firms.

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