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How Should Our Staffing Firm Use Facebook?

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For many staffing and recruiting firms, the way to best utilize Facebook isn’t as clear-cut as some of the other social platforms available.

One of the biggest reasons for this is because Facebook is changing. Constantly. The algorithm behind Facebook that determines what content is shared and where it is shared is constantly being updated to fit what Facebook developers believe is most relevant to what their users want.

Regardless of the constant changes and what your company’s individual goals are, using Facebook is something that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Having a Facebook company page.

You should have one official business page to represent your company on Facebook. This should not be a “friend” page where you create a personal profile for your business, but a business page where people have the opportunity to “like” your company and follow your business. If you need help understanding the difference between friend and company pages, this article makes this distinction.

What should you share on your company page?

On your page, you can post status updates, which should be formatted in a way that is appealing and effective: Include text, a link to drive people back to the related content on your website if applicable, and an image.

When sharing updates, you can always share industry content that your audience will find relevant. It is also a great place to promote any blog posts, press releases, office news or community events your team is involved in.

Who will see the posts on your company page?

The content you share on your page has the opportunity to be served in the news feeds for everyone that follows your page. However, just because someone follows your page does not make it a guarantee that the users will see the content. The content that is shown in a news feed is customized for each individual user. The best way to help ensure your content is seen by the highest number of people is to post relevant content on a regular basis, and encourage as much engagement as possible with each piece of content. The more that individual users find the content relevant, the more relevant Facebook will view the content and your page as, and the more likely your content will be served in newsfeeds.

Is organic reach enough?

If you’re ready to invest more time and a little money into Facebook, paid options can open up many new doors in terms of the way you can use Facebook to get in front of your target audiences. To learn more about paid advertising options on Facebook, check out this blog post on success strategies for Facebook advertising.

For a more in-depth look at how your staffing or recruiting firm can effectively use Facebook, check out this infographic.

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