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Why Buying a Stethoscope Doesn’t Make You a Doctor

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Commercials are a facet of the advertising industry we’ve all been inundated with. They try to capture our eight-second attention span with something flashy, catchy, or interesting that will linger with us. And while I usually have the luxury of fast forwarding through the intrusions on my Sunday evening viewing habits, several commercials have caught my eye recently – not in a positive way.

These commercials claim that anyone could become a marketing expert through the use of their online email program. If only someone had told me, I could have saved myself the time, energy and cost of going to college and spending years gathering industry knowledge and experience to become a marketing advisor. All I needed was an email template!

If you can excuse the sarcasm, it gets to my real point: Having the technology to run a program is great, but it certainly doesn’t make you an expert. It’s a lot like a pretty package with nothing inside. Where is the content – are you going to hire an in-house copywriter to generate original SEO-optimized content? Where are the graphics – are you going to pay the money to license them? What are you going to do with the content, if you shell out the big bucks to get it: Are you going to send a follow-up email? Share it to social media? Build a talent community?

My point is, having the equipment to run a basic element of an inbound marketing campaign does not set you up for a successful campaign. If anything, it creates a need to hire, purchase and create more work on your end.

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