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22 Facebook Posts That Will Drive Engagement This Holiday Season

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Today’s focus will be on Facebook holiday marketing ideas, and top ways to get your audience engaged with your content. Social media marketing can be a lot of fun during the holidays…if you prepare a balanced content calendar.

Considering the festive time of year, there truly are countless ideas and images that you could include within your sharing strategy. And, while I will always argue the importance of spreading quality resources related to your business, I think December is the perfect month to really focus your social efforts on engaging your audience by using seasonal-themed content.

Why is a Content Calendar Important?

There are 31 days in December (great insight, Brad). That means you have to prepare 31 different Facebook posts this month, assuming you post once every day.

It’s important to develop a calendar and sharing strategy that incorporates the following suggestions, spread out appropriately.

22 Facebook Holiday Marketing Ideas

What Type of Content Should You Include?

The most effective Facebook holiday marketing ideas will include a well-balanced sharing strategy and include the following pieces of content:

Team Updates

‘Tis the season for holiday cards, holiday parties, cookie exchanges, and winter landscapes.

While I’ve said time after time throughout my blog articles that it is important to drive traffic back to resources and top jobs, there is also an incredibly high level of importance on sharing personal content. The holidays are the perfect time to showcase your team and their holiday spirit.

Top Seasonal Jobs

Have a tough job to fill? How about a position that you’re trying to fill by January 1? Create a short video highlighting the core responsibilities associated with this position, and any other important information and share it on your company Facebook page. Encourage your team members to share this video through their personal accounts to increase overall reach.

Blog Content

Whether this content comes from your company’s blog, or a reputable source like Inc, Forbes, American Staffing Association, Staffing Industry Analysts, or Staffing Works, continue to share resources with your followers that will help them with the growth and advancement of their career.

Sincere Thank You

Whether it is directed to your clients, candidates, team members, or our military service members, create a visual thank-you graphic and type a sincere thank-you message. Not only is it important for overall company morale, but a sincere thank you truly can go a long way. And, with a new year just a few days away, this message might be exactly what the recipient needs to focus their efforts and become motivated to catapult success in 2016.

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