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Does Print Marketing Still Matter?

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It’s a great question. Certainly digital media has changed the landscape of marketing – especially in the last ten years. With email marketing, search engine optimization, and all the different social media outlets, it’s easy to jump to the conclusion that print is no longer relevant. However, this is simply not the case. Print is still an extremely viable medium, in fact one that has never lost the impact it originally provided.

Let’s look at just a couple of forms of print marketing that are certainly still necessary in your marketing mix:

Business Cards

There simply is no replacement for business cards. Yes, there are Vcards, and there are signatures in an email message, but these things are easily deleted, forgotten, or misplaced. Nothing really replaces the face-to-face connection with the impact of placing a business card in someone’s hand.

Printed collateral vs. Email

Depending on your purpose and audience, printed collateral vs. email can still offer you higher conversion rates. If you have a face-to-face connection with a potential client and then follow up with email rather than substantial printed collateral, you are more likely to be forgotten in the mix of messages and eventually deleted. However, taking the time to drop a note with a printed reminder of who you are and what services you are offering is more likely to get noticed by the recipient.

Trade Show Booth Displays vs. – well nothing or awkward invisible displays.

Yes, a trade-show display counts as print marketing. And yes, this IS an area where Haley Marketing can help. If you are paying money to not only attend a tradeshow, but to also set up a booth, you absolutely owe it to yourself to standout from everyone around you. Your booth should not just represent your brand, but display that you understand the market of those in attendance as well as fit in with the overall theme of the show. Giveaways are a VERY good way to make sure you stay top-of-mind after the show. We here at Haley Marketing Group are experts in helping you plan your marketing before, during and after the show to leverage your time and money invested in attending.

Print marketing is still quite relevant, especially for small business. Flyers, brochures, folders, booklets – all help keep you top-of-mind after any interaction with a potential client or candidate. Engaging print can also be used to drive traffic to your website. We at Haley have also seen clients garner great ROI with well-planned and targeted high-touch campaigns.

Printed collateral pieces still offer the thought that your business is stable and trustworthy. Haley Marketing Group has always maintained that the best marketing is a mix – a mix that includes print. Print marketing still matters to your clients and potential clients. Contact Haley Marketing Group today to discuss how to best include print in your mix to achieve the best results.

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