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After becoming a father for the first time in 2014, my life didn’t change as much in 2015. Acknowledging that I was ready for a different challenge in my career, I changed employers and left the world of college athletics for the world of marketing.

Looking back on the past 12 months here at the Haley Marketing Group, I learned dozens of new things, but a few of them really stood out.

Marketing Is Always Changing

I don’t mean the principles of marketing. Those are tried-and-true principles, but the ways we implement those principles continually evolve.

We live in a society that can’t sit still for longer than a few minutes, let alone for days, weeks or months. With all of those changes to our behaviors, being able to reach your audience is a moving target. The methods that worked 20, 10, 5 or even 1 year ago aren’t going to be as successful.

During my first year, I’ve seen how that’s changing – especially with the candidate-driven market currently being seen. With blogging, we aren’t just using four posts per month but consider using infographics to replace text blog posts.

We’re always looking at new methods here at the Haley Marketing Group to help staffing companies accomplish their business and marketing goals. Social Media marketing, industry leading recruitment website design, and more. One of them that we are really excited about is re-recruiting. We teased re-recruiting in the final five minutes of our latest Lunch With Haley webinar, Recruit More Candidates. As social media becomes used more in the job search (almost 10 percent of job applications came from social media profiles in Q3 2015), we have to think how staffing firms and recruiters can use social media to attract job candidates. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram, using social media to meet your business and marketing goals should be a part of your plan in 2016. (Spoiler alert to next week’s blog: Paying to Play on social media is becoming more of a reality.)

I Need to Read More Books

I’m a self-admitted Twitter addict. Granted, I could probably quit if I wanted to (at least I tell myself that I could) but I would be less-informed about current events and trends. Shamelessly, I wrote a blog about the Steve Harvey mistake after watching the end of the Miss Universe pageant live and then constantly watching the aftermath play out on social media.

However, digesting information in bites of 140 characters doesn’t lead to really grasping major principles of marketing, developing goals or focusing on personal development.

As a company, we’re pushing the initiative of reading more books in 2016 with the start of our Haley Marketing Group Book Club. The best way to make a change is to set a goal, and this part of our wellness initiative will do just that.

Impact of the Staffing Industry

In full disclosure, prior to taking this job I knew next to nothing about the staffing industry. My knowledge stopped at the terms “headhunter” and “temp work.” From the time a new employee starts here at the Haley Marketing Group, our CEO David Searns personally conducts the orientation about our products and services as well as a history and education of the staffing industry.

While I still have a lot (and I mean a lot) to learn about the staffing industry, an “Aha Moment” took place during our end-of-the-year development day in the middle of December. The impact of the staffing industry is to find employment for job candidates. And if you really break it down, those job candidates are people who need jobs to provide for themselves and their families.

What we do at the Haley Marketing Group impacts the lives of people across the country. It might be a little “Kumbaya” to say that it affects the food put on the table or the presents that show up under the tree, but it truly can be looked at that way.

When I started on Jan. 6, that never even entered my mind. Now, it’s pretty cool to think about.

Never Underestimate a Great Boss and Great Leadership

In my 10-plus years since graduating from college, I’ve had three real bosses, and all three bosses have been great. Those blogs we read about not working for a micro-manager, or the importance of work-life balance and flexible schedules hit home when you need to leave early to pick up your daughter from day care.

But great leadership goes much farther than flexible schedules. It builds off the 11 Major Attributes of Leadership listed by Napoleon Hill and Greg Habstritt in Think and Grow Rich (See, I started reading books already!). I won’t list all of those attributes but a few of them – unwavering courage, mastery of detail and cooperation – really stand out to me, and I’ve seen them here at the Haley Marketing Group. It’s much easier to attack the day and be fully vested in your job when you have great leadership, especially when it’s leadership by consent and not leadership by force (another book reference!)

Don’t Be Afraid to Make a Change in Your Career

Making a shift in your career is a big leap to take. Trust me, I know.  If you’re considering a change, packing up your desk one day and leaving isn’t the best strategy. 

However, put the time into a well-thought out decision and don’t look back. I did just that during 2014 and finally came up with the courage to apply for jobs and eventually accept a new position. Years ago, did I ever think I wouldn’t be working in the sports world? Not a chance. But I’ve learned that your career path is pretty undefined, and that’s much easier to accept at 32 than at 22.

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