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Social Pro Case Study: Making an Impact on LinkedIn

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To have a complete social media presence, staffing firms need to have strategies for growth and sharing content across a number of outlets. Recently, we took a look at the case study for 365 Healthcare Staffing and its presence on Facebook and Twitter. This week, we’ll take an in-depth look at the strategy and growth on LinkedIn.

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Growing a follower base on LinkedIn is hard, that’s no secret. The first part of our strategy was to reach out to personal connections and ask them to become a follower of 365 Healthcare Staffing’s LinkedIn page. That had about a 10 percent success rate.

Continued posting of good content on LinkedIn (company blogs and other relevant articles from reputable sources) develops a relationship with the connections. We also take the company blogs and publish them as posts for company employees. Lastly, we also share the blogs in targeted LinkedIn groups based on interest and geography. That presents an opportunity to reach another targeted audience.

Where’s It Go From Here? Graph_LinkedIn

Right now, we aren’t going to adjust our LinkedIn strategy too much. We stay away from posting jobs on the company’s LinkedIn page because it really doesn’t create good engagement.

We saw awesome traffic from LinkedIn during the month of January, with 388 sessions, besting the previous high of 351 sessions in March 2015.

(Spoiler Alert: Next week we are going to take a look at how all of the social media traffic is impacting website traffic and how it’s going to the right pages).

Why is it working? Because of staff buy-in from 365 Healthcare Staffing. The company’s president challenges all of his recruiters to reach 1,000 connections. Also, a number of their staff members consistently like and share the content on LinkedIn (and other social media platforms). That organic growth is free and gets the content in front of more eyeballs.

Learn more about the Social Pro program or contact our great team today.

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