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Throwing Darts Blindfolded? That makes zero sense.

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3-10-2016_ThrowingDartsBlindfolded And so does trying to improve customer experience without knowing your clients well.

Staffing customers are not as loyal as they once were – they have more options than ever. To further complicate the matter, you’re likely selling to an incredibly diverse pool of buyers and decision-makers, ranging from office managers and HR to department heads and C-level executives.

As a result, your customer psyche can be a bit of a “moving target.” But if you don’t really understand what clients want, efforts to enhance their CX may well miss the mark.

So take off that blindfold!

Use these ideas from an insightful post on Flavio Martins’ Win the Customer blog to serve your staffing customers better – by getting to know them better:

Never make assumptions about your customers.

Assuming you understand clients’ or prospects’ beliefs, needs, wants or interest is risky. With as rapidly as the economy, the employment market, technology and our industry changes, what may have been true just a few years (heck – MONTHS) ago may be completely off base now. So read up on what makes your target customers tick. Survey clients regularly. Talk to them about what’s going on in their business and industry – not just about their current staffing needs.

Think about the total CX – not just single interactions.

You can learn a lot by examining individual customer touchpoints, but you’ll learn even more if you think broadly. Look at the data you’re tracking for how customers place orders, communicate with you, prefer to receive after-placement follow-up and the like. See if you can identify trends or patterns in that data to help you understands their mindsets – and do an even better job serving them at every step along their journey with you.

Get senior managers out from behind their desks.

Data can provide tremendous customer insights, but it’s no substitute for getting down in the trenches. Only by spending time in a customer-facing role can your senior decision-makers stay in step with clients’ needs, requests and challenges. That in-depth understanding will help your firm find new ways to improve customer experience in the most meaningful, relevant ways.

Be better listeners.

The best way to move beyond what you think customers need and actually find ways to serve them better? Become better listeners! Great listening skills help prevent misunderstandings, strengthen business relationships and truly enhance the customer experience. Use the tips in this earlier post to make ears your customer service secret weapon.

How do you get to know your customers better? I’d love to hear what’s worked for you – please share your thoughts below!

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