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Dynamic Website for a Growing Brand: A Case Study in Shareworthy Service

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Moseley Technical Services, Inc. is a 20+ year-old company that provides staffing services to some very high profile, notable companies nationally. By putting their employees first, they attract and retain higher quality people and provide employers with the skills, experience and reliability they need to succeed – every time.

Though they were originally founded to provide professional services to local aerospace and defense companies, they have since expanded their primary business base to provide staffing and recruiting, direct hire, payroll services and engineering design support to the aerospace/defense, government, manufacturing and commercial industries.

As their company grew, it became clear that their website needed a fresh look and updated copy to accurately represent the changes in their organization and their brand. Haley Marketing Group was thrilled to have the opportunity to partner with Moseley in achieving their website goals.

The Challenge:

Moseley needed their website to:

  • be polished, professional and personal;
  • reflect what their organization is today, as well as where they’re headed;
  • visually represent their mission to deliver excellence in customer service.

A challenge for sure, but one that our web copywriters, designers and developers were definitely ready for.

Service and Implementation:

HMG Project Manager Heather Perrotta took the lead on this project, guiding Moseley’s team through the planning, development and launch of their new website. At each step in the service process, Heather kept in close contact with Moseley’s Vice President, Renee Pinto Smith, to ensure her expectations were met and questions were addressed.

Steps in creating their new website:

  1. Heather and Haley Marketing’s sales consultants interviewed Moseley’s management team to learn more about their needs. They also provided website examples Moseley’s team could use for idea-generation – and to appreciate the full range of options and functions available.
  2. Moseley’s internal team completed HMG’s website strategy planning workbook, so HMG had a full understanding of their services, clients, candidates, value proposition, differentiators, competitors and goals for the website project.
  3. Our copywriting team used Moseley’s input to write initial copy, collaborating with senior management to streamline editing and incorporate their suggestions.
  4. HMG merged the design with the copy to create Moseley’s dev site, which went through a final round of revisions.
  5. Haley Marketing tested and QC’d the dev site, so it was ready to go live.


Moseley’s robust, dynamic new site was launched on schedule. They now have a great tool for attracting new business and candidates, building key relationships, promoting their brand and reinforcing their position as a staffing leader in the industries and markets they serve.

Renee was thrilled with her service experience and the results we delivered:

“The design team of Haley Marketing took the time to interview our management team; delving into the nuances of how we ‘tick.’ They gave us several website examples for us to pull ideas from and to collaborate with them.

Team members assembled rough drafts of our website and allowed us to be a part of the project at all stages. When we wanted to make changes, Haley Marketing accommodated without pause. It was so refreshing to work with them, as they treated us as their #1 priority.

As the project progressed, the critical part of the development of the copy, or wording for our website was realized. It was amazing to read over what the copy editing team wrote. It was clear: they really ‘got’ us. The copy was truly written in our language and style. It was obvious they knew what they are doing. As for the look and feel of the website overall, HMG was spot on. It is friendly, yet polished and professional. It is easy to navigate, yet robust in information.

Our website is a perfect representation of Moseley. Because excellence in customer service is the core of who we are, we seek out vendors like Haley Marketing who possess the same excellence in how they treat their customers.  They exceeded our expectations.

Thank you for everything!”

Renee Pinto Smith

Vice President Professional Services

Moseley Technical Services, Inc.

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