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Infographic: The Best Staffing Firms Do THIS Differently

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What do Best of Staffing® winners do differently?

It’s simple: they treat their talent amazingly well!

Summarized from Inavero’s What Makes Best of Staffing® Winners Different?, this infographic highlights the key actions BOS winners take that give them distinct advantages in recruiting and retaining exceptional candidates:


Lessons for your staffing or recruiting firm:

Treat your candidates like customers!

Clients may be the ones who write the checks, but they’re only half of your customer service equation. In a tight market, exceptional candidates are only on the job market for a short period of time – and competition for them is intense. To recruit the best, offer job seekers the same excellent treatment you give your best clients.

Create a great first impression with candidates.

If you missed our earlier post on managing candidates’ first impressions, here’s a quick recap of the tips I provided:

  • Take stock of all the first impressions you create through technology – including your website/career portal, job board and social media accounts. Update your messaging and visuals to be sure they’re welcoming and accurate.
  • Critically examine your entrance and reception area. Make sure it’s clean, clutter-free and in a good state of repair.
  • Appoint a “Manager of First Impressions” to take charge of presenting your company as a professional organization that values its applicants.
  • Be friendly! Make sure everyone who comes in contact with applicants is consistently upbeat, informative and supportive.

Final Thoughts

Treating candidates exceptionally well isn’t just “nice” or “the right thing to do.” It’s smart business! And as the talent market continues to tighten, a consistently shareworthy candidate experience will set you head and shoulders above your competitors. Contact our marketing and CX experts to find out how we make it easy – and affordable – to treat candidates like your best customers.

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