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Where Is Your Firm in the Content Marketing Life Cycle?

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You’ve been hearing the term “content marketing” a lot for the past few years. And if you’re an industry leader in staffing and recruiting, there’s no doubt that you’re already using inbound marketing. But where do you fall in the content marketing life cycle? How mature is your content marketing strategy?

According to data from the Content Marketing Institute(1), 37% of companies say their content marketing maturity level could be classified as sophisticated or mature. Where are all the other companies?

  • Sophisticated – 13%
  • Mature – 24%
  • Adolescent – 24%
  • Young – 27%
  • First Steps – 12%

So, where does your firm land in this life cycle? Are you “sophisticated”; using content marketing to promote your organization and measuring the success and ROI it creates? Or are you closer to the “adolescent” stage, seeing the first few sparks of a successful program and considering expanding the program across your organization. Then again, maybe you’re just taking your “first steps” – learning about content marketing and considering it for your business, but not quite ready to jump in head first.

Wherever you are in the content marketing life cycle, Haley Marketing Group can help you maximize the potential of your content marketing program. Want to go all in with social media? We’ve got a program for that. Need a new website? We can build it. How about a complete content marketing solution that brings inbound leads and sales right to your inbox … for less than 15% of what you’d pay an average sales rep? Yeah, we’ve got that, too.

Let the staffing industry experts at Haley Marketing Group help your staffing or recruiting firm through the full content marketing life cycle, and create a sophisticated program that drives results and boosts your bottom line! Contact our team of marketing educators today for more information.


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