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What Type of Paid Advertising Campaign Should Your Staffing Firm Use?

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Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is a great advertising method for staffing and recruiting firms to reach company goals (such as generating more job orders, increasing brand awareness, and recruiting and engaging candidates). However, there are a myriad paid advertising solutions to pick from and companies are too often confused or overwhelmed about what option is best for them.

As PPC experts in the staffing industry, we help clients match up their company needs to the PPC solution best fitted to fill these gaps. To help you jumpstart your discussions and figure out  what option you might consider, here are a few campaign ideas matched with the need it is best suited to fulfill.

If you are faced with a specific need, consider the following campaign strategies to help you overcome it:

Need to recruit hard-to-find talent? Strengthen your talent pool?

  • Social Recruiting Campaign: Social Recruiting campaigns allow your company to reach a very specific audience based upon their demographics, likes, interests, geography and more. You can even use your existing ATS list to target the connections of your current candidates who also meet specific criteria. This lets you find new talent (who may not be aware of you) and advertise your expertise and opportunities – all while driving them back to your job board.
  • LinkedIn Advertising: LinkedIn advertising can be extremely effective because you can winnow down your target audience to minute levels. You can target someone based upon attributes and details appearing in their LinkedIn profiles, including Job Title, Education Level, Company Name, Job Seniority, Years of Experience and more! This in-depth targeting allows you really focus your ads on the exact talent you are looking to recruit. LinkedIn advertising can be quite expensive, but for someone looking to hire a high-level candidate or in an extremely niche field, it can be extremely impactful.
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Campaign: Unlike LinkedIn or Social Recruiting campaigns where the target audience may not actively be searching for a position, SEM campaigns allow you to reach individuals actively searching for a job opportunity. An SEM campaign will allow your ads to appear on search results pages for specific search terms being researched (like “nursing jobs in Buffalo, NY”) by individuals in a specific area.

Struggling to reactivate your candidates?

  • Re-Recruiting Campaign: A candidate returning to your website is 2x more likely to apply to a job. Too often though, staffing firms focus their time and money on trying to find new talent. A re-recruiting campaign allows your company’s advertisements to get in front of this audience who is more likely to apply – targeting candidates who have visited your website or are already in your ATS. This is an extremely cost-effective way to reactivate talent on the online outlets where they spend their time (such as Facebook and Google).

Looking to increase your staffing leads?

  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Campaign: In the U.S., there are over 20,000 staffing firms for employers to choose from. With these expansive choices, it is no easy feat to catch the attention (and hopefully the lead!) of an employer. By using a SEM campaign on Google, you are able to position your company to appear on the search results pages for specific terms (in specific geographic ranges) that potential clients might use.
  • LinkedIn Advertising: The same targeting options used on LinkedIn to target candidates can be used to reach prospects as well. Want to show ads to hiring managers in select companies in specific industries? LinkedIn ads can do that! This is an excellent way to put your company, your ads or your content in front of the individuals you are looking to win business from. However, the investment costs of a campaign on LinkedIn can be a surprise to many companies (with minimum ad spend of $10/day – though a much larger investment is recommended by LinkedIn to ensure optimal results).

Looking to increase company awareness and stay top-of-mind?

  • Remarketing Campaigns: Remarketing is a service that tracks individuals who visit your website. This technology allows you to then advertise only to this audience on other websites across the internet that participate in the Google Display network. There are currently 2+ million websites that participate in this network, including websites like Monster, Career Builder, The New York Times, Ebay, ESPN and more! Whether someone is visiting a staffing industry website or a lifestyle or business website, you can ensure that your company is always top-of-mind. This is one of the most cost-effective methods available to keeping your company top of mind!

Desire to strengthen your social media strategy and social media reach?

  • Paid Social Media Campaigns: Social networks have complicated algorithms that restrict the potential reach your company’s social media posts achieve organically. Twenty percent of the time users spend online is spent on Facebook – which means it is an excellent outlet to engage and interact with your audience. To grow your audience on Facebook and to ensure your content and updates reach as many people as possible, adding on a paid social media campaign can be an extremely cost-effective and impactful method.

Integrated Campaign:

Utilizing one of the campaigns above can be very effective and drive nice results. However, to be as impactful as possible, using a combination of these campaigns can be the best strategy. A comprehensive PPC strategy will help ensure that your company is in all outlets (at all times) to reach your entire target audience and meet your objectives.

If you are looking to learn more about pay-per-click solutions for staffing and recruiting firms, contact the marketing consultants at Haley Marketing Group. With 20 years of marketing experience in the staffing industry, we are able to couple this industry knowledge with PPC expertise to put together PPC strategies that will meet your needs. Contact us today to request more information!

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