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Is No News Really Good News? Managing Customer Perceptions.

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You place an employee on a temporary assignment at a client’s site. You know it’s a slam dunk – they’re going to love him! The assignment ends, you send an email to your contact asking how everything went – and you don’t hear a peep. No news is good news, right?

Little did you know that your employee was having a bad week – his pet is sick, or his kid was acting up and he got a bad start to his morning. He was “off” – and the client just needed someone there – so they tolerated it.

You emailed the client, like you always do at the end of an assignment – but guess what? The email never arrived. The client feels like you just dropped them and went on to the next client. Their perception of your company and your service has been tarnished – all by an apparent lack of communication.

Customer perception is an important factor when providing a service – it can make or break positive client relationships with something as simple as an assumption that everything went fine, or a missed email follow up.

What can you do to prevent your clients from making bad assumptions or perceiving something you don’t intend?

  • Don’t be afraid to call your client if you don’t hear back after you email them – that way, you can request the information first-hand, and prevent any misconceptions about your service. Better ongoing relationships with clients will also make it more likely that they actually take your call.
  • Although you may not be getting negative online reviews now, be aware that one bad review can tarnish an otherwise stellar online presence. Our experts have seen some pretty damaging reviews for staffing agencies – personal attacks, threats and sometimes just valid concerns. Get ahead of those reviews with a program like “Reputation Management” – ask for the feedback prior to someone blasting you online – it gives you an opportunity to make it right before it can tarnish your reputation.
  • Think before you speak – good advice for life in general – but especially when communicating with the people who pay your bills – comments or remarks in an email can be misinterpreted easily. Make sure you’re communicating your message clearly and professionally.
  • Ask questions! Do you have a process for your clients to provide feedback for each employee you place? Give your clients an easy way to provide feedback so you can address any concerns after the assignment is complete. For that matter, ask your candidates how it’s going as well – both perceptions of your service can go a long way in creating your overall service perception.

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