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Anyone who knows me will tell you that I LOVE to travel – whether it’s biking along the Erie Canal, exploring small towns in Europe, or just hiking through one of our state parks.

I also think it’s important to regularly go on another kind of “journey” – your customers’ journey, to be exact.

What’s a Customer Journey?

Every time a job seeker registers with you, each time a client places a staffing request, they go through a series of steps (often referred to as touchpoints) that lead them through their experience with your agency:

  • For candidates, the journey begins with the moment they first hear about your staffing firm. It continues through the registration, interview, testing and placement processes, and it includes all the experiences they have while on assignment as an employee of your company.
  • For clients, a customer journey begins in the same way (i.e., with awareness). It includes every interaction that client has with your brand, your internal employees and your candidates, throughout the life of their relationship with your staffing firm.

Obviously, the ways employers and job seekers engage with your staffing or recruiting firm can vary dramatically. And to further complicate things, individual customers in either group may take very different “paths”:

  • One job seeker may be perfect for a position and be hired immediately by a client; another job seeker may register and interview with your staffing firm, only to wait days, weeks or longer before being presented with an assignment.
  • One client may find your company online, and then submit a staffing request which you successfully fulfill in just a day; another client may, after weeks of relationship-building by your account manager, place an order that you’re never able to fill.

As you can imagine, the customer journey for a staffing firm looks a lot more like a Boston streetmap than a straight line. So, how can you ensure that each job seeker and employer has a great “trip” with your firm – and doesn’t get lost along the way?

Chart a Clear Course with a Customer Journey Map

A customer journey map is exactly what it sounds like: it visually charts a customer’s experience from initial contact, through the process of engagement, and into a long-term business relationship. Creating a clear road map for a variety of “paths” customers may take is smart business for a number of reasons. The process can help you:

  • guide customers properly (i.e., educate them, build your brand, put them in touch with the right resources);
  • convert more talented job seekers into placed candidates, and more prospects into clients (i.e., by shoring-up your sales and recruiting funnels);
  • ensure consistently shareworthy service (i.e., by creating sound processes for anticipating and addressing their needs) – and ultimately, happier customers!

Want to learn how to do it?

In my next post, I’ll explain the steps involved in mapping your customers’ journey. And if you’d like to talk about the process, just drop me a line – I’d love to chat with you!

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