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Lightning-Fast Turnaround AND Great Results: A Case Study in Shareworthy Service

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Happy Faces Personnel Group

Founded in 1994, Happy Faces Personnel Group is a full-service, innovative staffing partner to Georgia employers.

The Challenge:

How do you create collateral people WANT to read…

As Happy Faces’ Director of Operations, Michael Hairston was in dire need of a brochure for an upcoming trade show that would:

  • Capture readers’ attention, by identifying with their staffing “pain points.”
  • Explain Happy Faces’ services, core values, mission and vision.
  • Clearly demonstrate the unique value Happy Faces delivers, with a focus on cost-effectiveness.
  • Convince prospects to contact their firm.

But beyond being informative and convincing, Michael wanted a sales tool that was really useful. “Non-corporate-y.” Something that clients and prospects would want to read.

…and turn the project around extremely quickly?

The trade show deadline was rapidly approaching, so Michael needed us to complete his project (which included professional printing) in a much-shorter-than-typical time frame. While the order was a tall one, the Haley Marketing team was definitely up to the challenge.

Service and Implementation:

Before diving into the project, our team consulted with Michael to:

  • Clarify his goals for the piece, intended audience and other project requirements.
  • Brainstorm ways to accelerate the project, so we could meet his deadline.
  • Determine how far he was willing to “push the envelope” with humor, so it complemented Happy Faces’ brand and resonated with their target audience.
  • Review ways to increase the value and “shelf life” of the brochure.
  • Ensure an efficient, seamless service experience – and deliver an amazing final product.

With a clear understanding of the project’s scope and a solid creative direction, Haley Marketing’s creative team got to work.

Michael? Well, he was free to focus on his job and preparing for that big conference he was planning to attend.


Michael referred to the brochure we created for him as “AWESOME!” Here are a few highlights:

  • Turnaround. To meet Michael’s tight deadline, we came up with a creative way to leverage some existing materials instead of starting with a “blank slate.” This allowed us to complete the entire project – conception, copywriting, editing, designing, proofing and printing 500 brochures – in just 30 days (which is less than half our typical turnaround time)!
  • Client “WOW.” The piece we created is inviting, informative and persuasive – with just the right touch of humor for Happy Faces’ brand.
  • Use value. Happy Faces’ new brochure is housed as a downloadable .pdf on their website. We also created an eBook version for Michael’s sales team, so they could email it to clients and prospects.
  • Service. In Michael’s words: “I am VERY pleased with Haley right about now. You all have jumped through tremendous hoops to make this work…”
  • MAJOR results. Following the conference, Michael received calls from 17 individuals who received their brochure. All told, Happy Faces received approximately 50 job orders within two months of the conference which they could directly tie back to the brochure we developed for them.

With a little creative thinking and a lot of Shareworthy Service, we were able to deliver amazing results for this valued client. Need a marketing partner who to do the same for you? Set up a free, no-obligation consultation with one of our Marketing Educators today!


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