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Want Your Staffing Website to Do More for You? Get More Repeat Visitors (part 3 of 4)

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You may have a great-looking staffing website. But if you don’t get the right kinds of visitors – and keep them coming back – your site isn’t doing everything it should for you.

Analytics prove that repeat website visitors are twice as likely as new visitors to take an action on your website. So in today’s post, I share ways to increase your staffing website’s ROI by creating repeat visitors.

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Tip 1: Create Repeat Site Visitors

Give potential clients and candidates a reason to come back:

  • Webinars. By hosting regular webinars, you give employers and job seekers new reasons to your website month after month. In addition to giving them a new reason to engage with your team and your site each month, you can also upload the webinar recording to your site (so people who missed the webinar can access it by visiting your site). You can also drive traffic back to your site by promoting and linking to the recording on social media and your blog.
  • Emails. With the right approach, email marketing can continually drive traffic (both new and repeat visitors) to your website. On your website, provide an opt-in for a newsletter, salary guide or other educational content. Once you have an employer’s or candidate’s contact information (and permission to send them email), you can keep in touch and share helpful resources that ultimately generate targeted traffic that converts.
  • Resource centers. Add articles, eBooks, slide decks, whitepapers or other forms of content on topics of interest to your audiences (e.g., employment law information and hiring advice for employers; job search and career advice for candidates) to designated “resource center” pages on your website. If you do not have educational resource content, you can use your blog to create very rich categorized content that gives employers and job seekers lots of reasons to come back.
  • Fresh talent. Just as posting new jobs draws job seekers to your site over and over, a talent showcase (i.e., a platform for skill-marketing candidates) is a great way to bring employers back to your website time and time again. As with other forms of content, you can promote your talent showcase on your blog and social media to maximize its impact.

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