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10 Reasons Your Company Needs a New Logo

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Chances are if you’re reading this, you know your company needs a new logo. Here are the top 10 reasons why your logo sucks:


1. The Typography is Bad

Is your copy hard to read? Are there too many typefaces? Did you pick a trendy typeface that is out of date?


2. It Has Gradients or Drop Shadows

Let’s face it – gradients and drop shadows in logo design point to disaster. They are busy, loud and unnecessary. We’ve seen it work, but only when done by a highly experienced professional.


3. It Isn’t Vector!

If you’ve noticed fuzzy lines around your logo, or have been asked for the vector version and it leaves you scratching your head, you probably need a new logo, or need your logo vectorized. An inexperienced designer might make a logo in Photoshop (or even worse, MS Paint 😱), which is a big no-no.


4. Your Brother’s Girlfriend’s Son Designed It

Hey, he’s in school, and let’s face it – cheap! What could go wrong? Refer to numbers 1- 10.


5. It’s Too Trendy

Do you remember 2010, when Monoline logos were popular? What do you think about them now? Don’t let this happen with your logo.


6. It’s Not Original

A stock vector in your logo is not only unoriginal, it might also be illegal! Make sure your designer checks and double-checks their licensing information to avoid trouble down the road.


7. There Are Poor Color Choices

Your logo might look really beautiful, but if you need to hire a designer to recreate (or worse, redesign) it so you can put it on a T-shirt, you have a problem.


8. It Doesn’t Tell a Story

If you need to explain what your logo is and how it relates to your company, you might need to revisit the design.


9. It Has Too Many Taglines

I know it’s tempting, but in most cases, your logo doesn’t need your slogan, established date, phone number and your mom’s maiden name. We’ve seen it work in the past, but if you’re going this route, be sure to have an experienced designer on your team.


10. It’s Unmemorable and Generic

The point of a logo is to be memorable. If your logo looks like every other company’s logo, what’s the point?


A logo is likely one of the first interactions a consumer will have with your brand. Contact us to establish your company the right way with a professional look and timeless attitude.

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