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Shipping Ideas Through Collaboration

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There have been some pretty great perks to working at Haley Marketing Group. We have an active Wellness Committee, two volleyball teams participating in a local league, various after-work (and during work!) activities as team-building events. However, one of the most enjoyable perks isn’t any of those!

Within the first year of being hired at Haley Marketing Group, the entire company participated in a “FedEx Day.” For those of you unfamiliar with the concept, it is a 24-hour challenge to produce something new to benefit the company. Perhaps it is a project that’s been on the back-burner for too long, or one that has never had enough priority to be completed. Perhaps the project requires an inter-team approach which may not be possible due to scheduling during normal work hours. Lastly, the idea may be out-there, but still worth exploring. The catch, however, is the work needs to be completed and presented to your co-workers in 24 hours.

Why is a “FedEx Day” more exciting to me than volleyball or a team builder at an off-site facility? The collaboration and brainstorming allowed by this process are very exhilarating! We’re given the opportunity to work with colleagues outside our normal day-to-day interactions, including colleagues with vastly different perceptions and skill sets.

After attending a recent conference and hearing Tim Sanders speak, I realized I wasn’t alone. Not only was I not alone, but there was a reason for my positive disposition towards a “FedEx Day”! His presentation centered on the benefits of collaboration within the workspace, and how bringing together co-workers with differing perspectives can increase the probability of a solution getting generated at a brainstorming session.

Little did I know that this event had scientific credibility behind it; I had just enjoyed the rapid development of a product/solution alongside co-workers. During this time, I ended up working on and creating a vital piece of our training program, that many of our clients have used successfully over the past year. Being able to identify an issue, be given the resources and time to tackle it, and then accomplish it all within 24 hours? It’s an experience I’ll never forget.

Is your staffing company looking for ways to implement collaboration into their workday? Consider adding a “FedEx Day” to your annual schedule. Better yet, reach out to the experts at Haley Marketing Group for your next marketing project!

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