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“I don’t like it.” – A Comprehensive Guide to Giving Constructive Feedback

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We’ve all been there. You go through the entire design consultation and the final product isn’t exactly what you were anticipating. All that comes to mind is that you don’t like it, which is frustrating and doesn’t solve your problem. Follow these tips to learn how to give constructive feedback.

Focus on the project: Giving feedback might feel like you’re unleashing 1,000 bees on your designer. I guarantee keeping your mouth shut feels worse. Without direction on why you don’t like the design, you may never come to a conclusion.

Give specific feedback: Instead of just telling your contact over and over “I don’t like it,” tell them why. Is it too involved? Not enough color? Missing the mojo of your brand? Speak up! We’re not mind-readers, and your problem is not likely to be resolved quickly if we don’t know the problem.

Give recommendations for improvement: Okay, we know you don’t like the color. Did you want it darker? Brighter? More happy? We could guess, switch colors out until you like something, but chances are you know what you like better than we do. Maybe you really don’t know what you want, and that’s okay. Just be prepared to talk to your project manager until a proper conclusion is met.

Never assume: What might seem like an obvious solution to you might not seem as obvious to others. If you have a thought, speak your mind!

Start with the strengths: Maybe giving negative feedback is hard for you. Try starting with the project’s strengths. It will give you the emotional buffer you need to be a heartless consumer. This will also provide the designer with an idea of what you do like, making the revision process much easier.

There you go! You’re now ready to give great feedback to your marketing team. Want to learn more? Visit our blog, because knowledge is power!

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