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5 Tips for Local SEO Performance

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If you are a business that serves in only a few different locations, then local SEO is essential to make sure that you are driving targeted traffic in these specific regions that are likely to convert. For example, if you are a staffing agency that only serves in Buffalo, NY; you want to make sure that your website is optimized to target people looking for jobs in Buffalo. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your local SEO efforts to ensure that you driving relevant traffic to your website.

Claim Local Business Listings and Optimize Your Website for NAP:

One of the best ways to boost your local SEO performance is to claim the physical location of your business in Google My Business. Once you have created your listing, it will be displayed on the front page of Google with your picture and contact information when a user searches for your business. It also puts your business on Google Maps. This increased visibility helps tremendously with local SEO and allows your users to easily get in contact with you. It is also possible to claim local business listings on other platforms such as Facebook. Just make sure that the name, address, and phone number (NAP) appears exactly the same across all platforms as well as on your actual website.

Create Dedicated Location Pages for Each of Your Offices:

If you are a staffing agency that serves in several locations across the nation and have multiple physical offices, then creating dedicated location pages for each office is a great way to boost local SEO performance. Creating more pages dedicated to each location gives you much more real estate to optimize your web copy and meta information for a wider variety of keywords relating to a specific location. It also gives you the ability to highlight specialties and specific job openings based on location. In addition, once your users land on a location page, it is much easier for them to identify the correct contact information and take action. This is a much more effective approach than cluttering multiple different locations onto a single contact page.

Continually Update Your Website with Location Specific Content:

Google will rarely ever publicly announce what goes into their ranking algorithm. However, they have gone on record to state that the most important factor for performing well in Google search results is producing quality content. Websites that regularly post high quality, engaging content will typically perform better in terms of SEO. This concept also applies to local SEO. If you want to rank well locally, it is essential to frequently post new content that is location specific. The best way to do this is through blogging or posting local news relating your niche. For example, if you are a recruiting firm, you could post blog articles about new in-demand job opportunities and salaries in the specific locations that you serve in.  Also, if you followed the previous step and have a dedicated location page for that specific office, you can incorporate a call to action to direct users from the blog post to your location page, or job board, to encourage them to take action.

Host Events and Submit Them to Local Event Calendars

One of the best ways to improve local SEO performance for your business is to get involved in your local community by hosting events, such as job fairs. Google has stated that the other major ranking factor for search engines, besides content, is building high quality backlinks from other authoritative websites. When you host local events, the act of promoting them through social media and other platforms will naturally result in backlinks from people sharing them. A great way to promote your event is to submit it to local event calendars. Often, local news outlets have calendars of events that are taking place in the area where you can openly post your event. This is a great way to build an inbound link from a very reputable source, regardless of whether the actual event garners much attention.

Encourage Your Audience to Leave User Reviews

If you are a small local business, it is difficult to build the initial trust from your target audience. User reviews are a great way to build brand awareness, visibility, and trust from your audience, which will ultimately result in a boost in local SEO performance. You should be encouraging your users to leave reviews on as many platforms as you can, whether it’s on your website itself, Google, or Yelp. It is also important to make sure that you actively respond to the reviews, whether they are positive or negative. This will increase overall presence and engagement from your users. This also acts as an opportunity to gather feedback from your users to potentially improve your services. You might also want to implement a reputation management strategy to help filter out the negative reviews that are not constructive, while still allowing your users to give feedback on their experience.

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