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Want to Boost Website Traffic from LinkedIn by 833% in One Month? Do This!

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Top Notch Personnel in Wichita, KS, had great social media traffic, but was struggling on LinkedIn. To be fair, this light industrial staffing firm does not attract candidates through this medium, however, they were missing out on attention from potential clients by avoiding this platform.


The Problem

Top Notch Personnel was averaging less than 8 clicks from LinkedIn per month. We wanted this number to grow like we have been seeing with other light industrial staffing firms who post regularly on LinkedIn.


The Solution

I asked Mark Esfeld, owner of Top Notch Personnel, for his personal LinkedIn login credentials. I assured him that I would not touch anything in his profile except to post articles from Top Notch’s blog. Once or twice per week, I post an article on Mark’s behalf by clicking on “Write an Article”, rather than sharing from the blog itself. In addition to this, I post a client-facing blog post to his Groups on LinkedIn. Mark belongs to very targeted groups which have contributed to these impressive results. Mark is located in Wichita, KS, and some examples of the groups he belongs to are: Linked Local Wichita KS, Wichita Business Networking Groups, and Wichita Networking Group, among others. Always join local business groups as your posts won’t get lost in the feed of a larger group like HR.com. It’s ok to belong there and share your articles there, but your competition is much more fierce.


The Results

In just one month, the traffic that tntpersonnel.com receives from LinkedIn increased by 833%!

LinkedIn Results


The Conclusion

Posting to LinkedIn Groups isn’t a magic bullet for your social media program, but it does help to amplify your efforts. Be sure to focus on client-facing topics, rather than candidates if the workers you hire may not actively use LinkedIn. Test your efforts for a month to monitor your progress. If you’re not seeing as much of an increase as you’d like, take a look at the groups you belong to and update them as necessary.

Learn more about the great marketing strategy changes Top Notch Personnel has made in the last two years!

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