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Friday Fast Five: Starting 2018 with Some Wins

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We’re starting the year off right  with several victories here at Haley Marketing Marketing Group. Take a look at some of these wins for the week ending Friday, January 5, 2018.

Website Design

Kaitlin Bolling, Director of Interactive Design, started the week with a win by sharing some innovations she developed for our creative team that will let us build websites faster, while retaining and even improving the quality of each site we design.

Social Sharing

Sara Gianello, Digital Media Graphic Designer and Mark Yesilevskiy, Director of Content Design came up with a better way to create branded social sharing images. This will allow us to take on even more staffing clients for our popular Social Pro program.

Increased Traffic

At Haley Marketing Group everybody blogs and we see the results. When we blog consistently, we see steady traffic. When we challenge each other to blog even more, we see corresponding  spikes in web visits. We don’t just tell our staffing clients they should blog, we do it in our own business and it pays off.

How Not to Sell Staffing

This month’s Lunch with Haley comes from a session conducted  by Brad Smith and David Searns at Staffing World in Chicago, where it was a big hit. If you missed that session, or want to hear additional insights. Make sure you sign up!   

The Buffalo Bills!

As you may know, while we serve the staffing industry nationwide, the Haley Marketing Group  office is in Buffalo, NY. The Bills have made it to the playoffs for the first time since 1999. Keep your fingers crossed for us as we take on the Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday.

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