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This Time, It’s Personal

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While many marketing trends will shape the outcome of your 2018 efforts, one of the biggest trends for email marketing is personalization.

What Is Personalization, and Why Does It Matter?

Personalization is targeting not only the email, but its content, to the reader.

For staffing and recruiting agencies, this can offer a lot of opportunities. In this article, I’ll discuss how personalization can improve your candidate marketing.

Imagine These Two Scenarios

You receive an email listing 10 jobs, in various locations, for multiple industries, all of which require years of experience beyond your own. How likely are you to click on that email, or respond to it?

On the other hand, if you received a targeted email showing even five local jobs, in your industry, with a “click to apply” button that takes you directly to the online application — you might click more than once!

It Isn’t Hard to Personalize Your Emails

Sending these types of emails is as simple as being organized. Segregating your job-alert email lists by location, industry, etc., can help you be a true job search-partner, and not a faceless recruiting machine.

Want to learn how to create a compelling personalized email campaign? Talk to your Marketing Advisor today!

If you’re not currently using any email marketing (tut tut), click the button below to learn more about email and content marketing.

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