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Does Consistency Matter in Blogging?

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Consistency is critical for a variety of activities in your life – eating healthy, going to the gym, showing up to work every day. Consistency is important in your blogging strategy too, but maybe not in the way you think. Our goal is to teach you How to start a business blogging, so be sure to read the entire article. 

Blogging Consistently

Blogging consistently is crucial for success in terms of publishing content on a regular basis. Adding new blog posts with content relevant to your core business allows you to add new pages and keywords to your website. In turn, this indicates to search engines that they should crawl your site regularly for new content to index, and the blog posts are indexed and available to be served in search results. If you stop blogging for an extended period of time, a search engine may visit less frequently or stop returning to look for new content to index. Don’t fall into this avoidable trap.

What You Write About

Consistency also means that the content shared on your blog is relevant. Your audiences are looking to you to be the expert in your business – not the expert on completely unrelated topics (politics, religion). Focus your strategy around writing content that matters to your audience and that you can speak authoritatively on.

Blogging Guidelines

Blogging consistently doesn’t mean that you blog should have only one voice – unique perspectives, different writing styles and tones and even differing opinions are all valuable assets in your blogging program. Having more than one writer is a benefit in many ways, with the key aspect being that people with different experiences and expertise can share their insights with your audience. While all content on your blog should represent your company’s mission and values, that doesn’t mean there’s only one appropriate voice for your blog.

A consistent blogging strategy opens many doors for your company. Use these tips to launch or boost your current strategy to take advantage of the many opportunities content marketing presents.

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