You did it! You now have a new Haley Marketing Job Board. Your new job board lives on a subdomain of your site –which is EXCELLENT for search engine results. If you want to check your Google Analytics results to see how it is performing, here is a handy “how-to” from our Client Success Team: How to see traffic for subdomains in Google Analytics.

Also, each of your jobs is fully SEO optimized – and all you can do is win! Check out this article from our team if you want to discover How to Make Your Job Descriptions More SEO-Friendly
What about Google Jobs? Check this out (you really made the best decision…):

But have you ever wondered where Haley Marketing posts your job postings? Check out this article from our client success team that that explains it all. And you just keep winning, you winner you!

Finally, here are a few other articles that will help you create the best job posting possible and increase its chance of being posted on an aggregate site (more winning!):

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