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A Colorful Proposition: What Hue Can Do For You

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Your staffing company is special. It’s sleek. Productive. Well-reviewed. Profitable.Your copy may be black and white, but your business is anything but. So how do you show that?

Color has impact. Different hues elicit different psychological associations.  color psychology

A strong red can catch the eye for everything from a company staffing gritty heavy industrial roles to a slick modern financial firm. It can incite an attitude of dominance or one of cheer and welcome. Oranges and yellow convey a vibrant and energetic mood and can provide an air of hope and positivity to your company’s website.

On the cooler side, blues are very popular amongst staffing companies for their steady, appealing, easy-on-the-eyes attributes. A serious navy paints the picture of a company that has a strong bottom line while a bold cobalt can signify practical intensity. Smart shades of green intone money making abilities or an eco-friendly operation, while a sensible violet, favorite color of the monarchs of the past, may imply luxury.

Combinations of colors can say even more.

Do your competitors in your part of the staffing world all use cool blues or have similar names? To stand apart, grab another color, even if blue is part of your logo. When used sparingly, that accent color will provide a nice punctuation point to create a lasting impression and give you an edge in your target audience’s memory.

Although the color wheel can be a bit overwhelming at first glance, it can be broken down into different themes including complementary colors, analogous colors, and triads.

color schemes

“Alright”, you say, “I’m using my original bold red with a nice pop of complementary green but now my light industrial staffing industry website looks like a Christmas tree farm! What do I do?”

Fear not! This is a good time to deviate from a rich, saturated complementary scheme by either adjusting your tones or trying out a different take on the color wheel, such as analogous or triad colors.

hues shades tints and tones

Swapping in a serious, shaded red with a more mature green and including a third analogous color should help dispel visions of sugarplums and instead denote a grown up, professional, yet unique business.

color improvement

Still having some clashing problems? Consider neutrals. Greys, whites, blacks, tans — mix these into your branding to give the eye something to rest on. Strong, pure hues are harsh when squeezed together in great amounts. A garish display will certainly get you attention- of the wrong kind.

There are so many options at your hands, and yet the most important thing is to keep it simple. Try not to let your branding become a smorgasbord of messy rainbows. One or two hues and a couple of neutrals should keep your colors on track for a clean and memorable look that will say, “this business has it together”.

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