Case Study: Can Remarketing Help You Stay Top-of-Mind with Job Candidates?

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The short answer: yes!

Client Background:

Regional staffing firm with several offices along a several-state corridor. The company focuses on two core areas:

  • Light Industrial: skilled and semi-skilled positions in manufacturing, distribution and general labor.
  • Office/Professional: administrative support and customer service.

The Goal:

Re-engage candidates who have visited their website with eye-catching and thought-provoking ads appealing to the emotional reasons talent look for new job opportunities.

The Audience:

Previous visitors to their website and job board located in a targeted geographic region.

The Solution:

Our social marketing and PPC experts joined forces to design and execute customized Google remarketing campaign to help this client achieve their specific goals.

Remarketing provides a great solution because it allows ads appear in front of an audience that has a previous connection with your staffing agency (such as candidates who explored job opportunities on a website). By placing a bit of programming code on the website, remarketing makes the ads smarter – so they seemingly follow these website visitors around the internet, showing up on millions of Google Display Network partner websites.

The Results:

  • Ads are targeting over 32,000 people who have previously visited their websites. Ads were displayed ≈225,270 a month.
  • Very cost-effective at less-than-average cost per impression of $0.001.

Pretty Amazing Results, Right?

Could a remarketing campaign be right for your staffing firm? Connect with a digital advertising specialist at Haley Marketing Group to discuss how you can harness this advertising technology.


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