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Getting Down to the Core (Of Your Messaging)

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We often discuss core messaging as part of our website-building process, but I believe it is critical to examine and establish your core messaging not only as it relates to a website project, but to run a smooth and efficient operation. Communicating your core message needs to happen – and be clear both for your internal employees and your external audiences.

Any marketing material you produce is a sales (and recruiting) tool. For it to be as effective as it can be, you must be sure to position your company in the right way, and that’s what core messaging is all about.

To be effective, your core message should define the right words to describe your company to both clients and candidates. Simply put, core messaging defines who you are. What you do. And most importantly, why you are different and why people would want to work with your organization.

When defining your core messaging, we look at four things:

KEY DIFFERENTIATORS: The characteristics of your company or service process that make you unique

POSITIONING: How you want to be seen in your market

VALUE PROPOSITION: The unique value you offer to your clients and candidates

CORE STORY: The overall message we can use to get people interested in your services

The entire team at HMG are experts at helping you solve the core messaging puzzle. We are ready to work with you to not only define your messaging, but to implement it in a marketing approach that delivers the results you need to drive your business.

Contact the HMG team today!

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