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PART 3: Post-Holiday Musings

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Doesn’t “on holiday” just sound better than “on vacation?” Humor me on that one. But, seriously, now that I am back from vacation, I have had a bit of time to let the events of the past few weeks sink in and to process those experiences.

I am so happy to have had the opportunity for international travel, as it really helped broaden my horizons. Try as I might, I feel like I have tunnel vision sometimes, thinking that there is only one way to be, and that the way I do things is the only way. When you remove yourself from all that is familiar and immerse yourself into a very different culture, you come away with embracing certain familiar things more closely (I’m looking at you, my beloved air conditioning!) but I also find myself seeing my world back here in the U.S. in a new way. If I take away nothing else, I find that I am more keenly aware of different perspectives and new ways to do things. That viewpoint has influenced my work now that I am home.

So, my Euro’s worth of free advice is this: Get out of your comfort zone. This doesn’t mean you have to do something crazy or travel internationally! Maybe sometimes, don’t always take the safe route. Start over, take calculated risks, be it in business or in everyday life. Doing what you have always done will yield you what you have always got. In the staffing industry, your candidates are often doing the same thing — going out on a limb and trying out something new in their careers, reinventing themselves by choice or maybe out of necessity. Perhaps, to reach them, there needs to be a new approach. At Haley Marketing, we have a dedicated team with varied interests and specialties who can help you do just that. We have many people looking at the staffing industry from a variety of different angles, but we share a common goal to help you find more candidates and grow your business.


Danke schön for joining on this three-part travelogue. I am so happy to share with all of you my thoughts and opinions generated by this amazing trip, and I hope that something I have written about has resonated with you along the way.

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