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Value, Starter, or Custom – Which Website Solution Is Best For You?

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You’re ready to embark on a new website project. But how do you know where do you begin?

At Haley Marketing Group, we offer three levels of websites: Value Sites, Starter Sites, and Custom Sites.

Each level offers its own unique benefits, which are outlined below:


Tight budget?
Tight deadline?
No problem!

Professional design. Great features. And full content control.

Ideal for start-ups and recruiters.


Our most popular option!

Fully responsive, mobile optimized designs.

Customized to fit your company.

Get all the features of a custom site for about 30% less!


Our custom staffing websites are only limited by your dreams.

You get 100% control over every aspect of your site.

If you’re looking for our most creative and innovative designs, go custom.

View more information about our staffing websites »

How do you decide which is right for you?

There are a few factors to consider.

1) Time to Market

If you have a tight deadline and want to launch your new site quickly, a templated solution might be right for you. We built our Value Site and Starter Site products with this in mind, so design and development time is drastically reduced.

We call our Starter Sites “Starters” instead of “Templates”, because they are meant to be a starting point! We have designed many sites to accommodate different types of staffing companies. Flexible branding and layout options are built in, and each site is optimized with the latest tools to ensure conversions. This allows us to customize a site that looks and feels unique to your company, while also delivering a solid, finished product in less time.

If your timeline is more flexible, you could consider a custom solution. More time means there’s more opportunities to tailor a website to fit your needs. The creative team here at Haley Marketing Group is always ready to push the boundaries and explore new ideas with custom solutions!

2) Competition

Consider your top competitors, whether they are local neighbors or national corporations. Your audience has the choice to visit your website, or any one of theirs. You therefore need to make sure you are delivering a superior experience. Do your competitors’ websites all look like they use the same, cookie-cutter template? If so, a custom solution can really help ensure you stand out from the crowd.

Our custom solutions aren’t limited to a unique design; they can be customized from a copy perspective as well. A custom solution means we can tailor the copy on your site to your needs. We can help build your unique SEO strategy from the ground up, resulting in higher search engine rankings that out-perform your competition.

3) Functionality

We have optimized our website with a suite of plugins to quickly enable a lot of useful functionality on your site. These plugins were built with conversions in mind, and everything from testimonials to a talent showcase is available. While these products work “out-of-the-box” on any of our sites, we have built in many flexible configuration options in order to give you a best-of-both worlds experience.

Sometimes, though, there is a need for more complex functionality, and any sort of “one-size-fits-all” solution won’t cut it. Maybe you require custom form integration with a third-party company, you want to develop a unique cost-of-hire calculator, or you have a key interactive feature that will set you apart from your competition. For complex software problems, a custom solution may suit your needs best.

Putting It All Together

Overall, there are many factors to consider when embarking on a new website project. When in doubt about where to start or which level to choose, reach out to us! We have consulted with thousands of companies to help determine which is the best approach to take to fit their unique goals and needs. We’d love to help you get started!

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