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Why Your Job Postings Should Include Emotion

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Most job postings are written as objectively as possible: This is the pay, this is the shift, these are the requirements. They’re sterile and quite frankly, very boring.

With unemployment rates still hovering around 4-percent, candidates have endless options when it comes to finding a new job. So, how can you make your job postings stand out?


WIIFM = What’s In It For Me?

Why should a candidate pay attention to your posting when your competitor offers the same job but for $.25 more an hour? Does your job have a shorter commute? A better shift? A better work-life balance altogether? They won’t know this unless you’re specifically advertising it, and the best way to do that is to show how these important things relate to their lives. Find a pain point for job seekers and show how your job will alleviate it. Creating an emotional tie will make your candidate realize why they need your job over all the others they’ve seen.

Which job posting would you be more interested in of the two below?


Forklift Driver


1st shift

Must have recent experience.


Forklift Driver


1st shift – 6a-2:3p, early enough to get your kids off the school bus!

2 years experience is required because we need you to jump in and get started now! We have a lot of orders to fill and we need your expertise to make that happen.

Great family-friendly perks include: health insurance, dental insurance, 401(k), and salary increase if hired permanently.

Our client’s company is along a bus route for an easier commute.

We want to hire people who are committed to building themselves a better future!


Sure, the second post takes more time to read, but you can picture yourself in the role. You know why the employer needs you and what is expected of you before you even set foot into the interview. Your relationship with this employer starts today!


Re-write Your Job Posts to Attract More Candidates!

For more help with creating and sharing job postings to attract the best candidates, read this article and this article from Haley Marketing.

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