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Five Takeaways from an “Ask Me Anything” on Digital Marketing

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participate in an “Ask Me Anything” on amafeed.com. The randomness of this email seemed like a scam, but after doing some quick research on Google and Twitter, everything looked legit.

The process was quite simple.

I created a topic, “SMART Goals – How Do You Create Them for Your Business” and then set the schedule for question submission and responses.

Here were the top takeaways from the 30-plus questions submitted.

1. People Look to You As the Expert

This can be challenging in terms of having self-confidence about your answers. Finding that internal belief about being the expert on a topic needs to be present. There is a reason I was asked to do an “AMA” and now was the time to answer the questions honestly and as clearly as possible.

basics-digital-marketing 2. Get Back to the Basics

It doesn’t matter your industry, sometimes it’s simple to look past the basics and first steps because you have internalized them. People who aren’t in the same industry needs that basic education and knowledge before progressing to the next level.

Questions about “What are the basics of digital marketing that any small business owner should know about if they intend to do their own marketing?” or “Which social media platforms should my business have a presence on?”

3. People Want a Golden Bullet

Content marketing is a perfect example of playing the long game. It’s difficult to find that one solution that will help the marketing presence of your business. There might be a quick, short-term fix, but to build a long-term brand and presence, it takes a lot of time.

Questions talking about a superior digital marketing strategy or the one place an author should be on to reach their audience have really good intentions. But, we need to focus on a complete plan.

And a complete plan doesn’t mean more money. It’s about going to all of the places your audience is spending time and getting your content or brand in those places.

4. Dealing with Unattainable Goals

unattainable-goals-digital-marketing This might have been one of my favorite questions as a couple of submissions featured dealing with clients who have unattainable goals.

Setting expectations is a really important part of the process with clients at the start of their projects. In the AMA, I talked about the unrealistic expectation of finding nursing applications for $2 because that’s nowhere near the market rate.

Goals need to be ambitious, but they can’t be unattainable. A start-up has a better chance at doubling its revenue in the next three months than a company with $10 million in revenue.

Finding that balance is key.

5. It Was Fun and Next Time Will Be Easier

Part of my learning process is becoming more efficient at a process after a couple of trials, which fits in very well at the Haley Marketing Group. We are a process-driven company that delivers world-class results for our clients at an affordable price.

My next AMA might deal with recruitment challenges and share suggestions on overcoming the difficulties in landing quality candidates.

I’m glad that I opened that email a few months ago and pursued the AMA option. It was pretty cool and something I would suggest in the future!


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