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Meet Team Haley at Staffing World: Paula Pirrone Zeisz

ASA Staffing World 2018 | Paula Zeisz
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Staffing World 2018, presented by the American Staffing Association, is rapidly approaching and the Haley Marketing Team is in full, pre-show prep mode.  Paula Pirrone Zeisz, Director of Marketing Education, will be attending and representing Haley Marketing for the twelfth year, and she cannot wait to get to DC.

Get To Know Paula

As a twelve-year vet, we asked what advice she’d give to new Staffing World attendees, and her response was straightforward and practical. “Wear comfortable shoes.”  We also asked Paula what she thinks will be the hottest topics of the conference. She said she expects to hear a lot of talk about the talent shortage, social networking and recruiting and how the game is changing in 2018.

Paula is looking forward to talking about and learning more about industry trends driving staffing company growth – after all, helping staffing firms solve their marketing challenges and grow is what Paula does best. Anyone who wants to talk about driving sales leads and attracting top candidates should find Paula in DC. She’s always ready to talk about how she can help your firm drive real results from marketing.

“I am hoping to see clients and active prospects to further our partnerships,” Paula said. “I’ve had the opportunity to work with hundreds of different staffing and recruiting firms on everything from marketing strategy to website design to social media.”

As a twelve-year veteran of Staffing World, Paula has some fond memories of past conferences. Her favorite memory? “Meeting the owner of a small staffing firm, with an interest in a new digital presence,” she said. Paula prepared an estimate for a new website and the owner told her that out of the four estimates he received, Haley Marketing Group’s was the most well-organized proposal, the easiest to understand, and included the most relevant features for his needs.

He told Paula, “The last time I updated my website, we went with a local guy. The price was the lowest, and after all, it’s just a website, right? Paula, I quickly learned a lesson I would not soon forget…CHEAP IS EXPENSIVE!” This small staffing company is now a Haley Marketing client, and the firm’s owner considers his website to be one of the best marketing investments he’s ever made.

If you are looking to sell more staffing and differentiate your recruiting firm, if you want to make more placements, or if you want to sell staffing without having to talk about markups, look up Paula in DC. You can schedule a meeting with her or any of the Haley Marketing experts in attendance.


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