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The importance of password changes is essential

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Take a moment,… think about the passwords you use across your accounts online, the software you use and the devices you access. Are any of them the same? If you said ‘Yes’, you aren’t alone. More than likely, one or more of your passwords are exactly the same. It makes sense, right? How are we to create and remember each and every password we use across all of our digital accounts? It’s only human to not only create a password we can easily remember, but also utilize that same password across everything we can think of, all out of convenience.

Stop. Using the same password across multiple websites, software, and devices increases your risk of an attack.

Is your password…

  • …easy to remember?
  • …someones name?
  • …a date important to you?
  • …an actual word?
  • …all saved in a single place (spreadsheet, notebook, etc)?
  • …short?

Unfortunately, there is software that goes through the entire dictionary in a matter of seconds in order to crack your password! The software created to break into websites and devices, has gotten so easy to use, it’s alarming. Anyone with an internet connection has the ability to break into your accounts. Essentially, attackers look for email addresses and passwords for your accounts that are not in use anymore, to see if the same credentials will work with other digital services. And, since people often use the same credentials, hackers can unlock numerous accounts. If your password has not been changed in months or years, you’re vulnerable.

How to choose a strong and unique password.

Here are a few quick tips you can do now, to start protecting your accounts:

  1. Use unique passwords for each of your accounts.
  2. Turn on two-factor authentication.
  3. Change your passwords regularly. 30 – 60 days is recommended.

Remember, the devices you use store a lot of passwords and data for numerous websites you visit, services you frequent, and programs you use. It is very important to make sure all of your accounts are safe. Take some time to update your accounts, your identity depends on it!

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