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Could You Use 250% More Applications?

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What if I told you one simple email could increase your applications by over 250% in one week? It’s possible and it actually happened to one of our clients.

We recently created a “Candidate Toolkit” for all of our HaleyMail customers.  The toolkit is a series of emails designed to re-engage with your candidate database.  The goal of each email is to drive traffic back to your job board, and in turn increase the number of applications.

The Panther Group sent out one of these emails to a list of 4,000 names.  A week after the mailing was sent out we took a look at the stats for their Job Board.  As you can see the numbers were quite shocking!

This was all made possible by just a simple email sent through their HaleyMail program. If you’d like to see similar numbers for your job board please contact me to discuss [email protected].

We also discussed this during a recent episode of InSights.

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