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Since 1966, Central Valley employers and job seekers have trusted AVAILABILITYto help them reach their goals. In an industry in which it’s assumed the process is impersonal, clients and candidates are surprised at how deeply they get involved with each individual. It’s a refreshing difference from other agencies they are accustomed to dealing with.

When it was time for a new website, AVAILABILITY returned to Haley Marketing for the second time, knowing Haley Marketing would be able to build a site that reflects AvailABILITY’s unique location and niche markets. By using beautiful landscape images of California’s Central Valley, it is very clear that AVAILABILITY is the local expert. The homepage features a full screen video and icons to focus onAVAILABILITY’s specialty areas.

View more at: Availability Professional Staffing.

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