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How To Make Your Marketing Stick To Your Customers

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I was listening to an NPR radio spot the other day and they were talking about how technology has moved from the reactive to the proactive.  Essentially,  it’s gone from taking your preferences and showing you similar results, to now predicting what your next steps could be and guiding you that way.  If you have a Spotify account, you know that for every song you listen to or search for, Spotify gives you many more suggestions of what to listen to, and over time, it gets better at its suggestions.

The same “learning” tech in your texting apps, search engines, and Amazon history. This learning tech is sticky (and a little spooky).  It sticks with you and continues to learn with you and surround you with relevant content.

So how can your marketing become predictive in nature, and not random shots in the dark? Consider these 5 “Sticky Marketing Tactics”

5 Sticky Marketing Tactics

Sticky Tactic #1 Capture Your Audience.

If you’re a staffing company, your ATS list is your life-blood, your 1990’s Rolodex, your little black book.  The contact information you have in that list can be used to send out emails, call when you are looking for specific talent, and warm up cold client contacts.

Your website visitors are also a great resource. With Google and Facebook tracking codes, your site can give you the ability to send ads back to those visitors, and staying ahead of their browsing.

There are also tools that help you identify potential sales contacts for your team to follow up with.

When you know who your audience is, the next step is to get in front of them strategically.

Sticky Tactic #2 Build A Strong Foundation

Pulling people into your marketing funnel is not a one and done operation. Start with your foundation. Your website should be updated with new content on a regular basis. Posting new blogs, ebooks, whitepapers, and videos add value to your site’s visitors. They also contribute positively to your site’s authority on search engines like Google, which lead to better (and usually more) organic traffic.  Remember, the people you are trying to reach want to be engaged in an authentic way.  If you matching great companies with great job seekers, provide content that will address the needs, wants and interests of both audiences.

Sticky Tactic #3 Spread the Web

An effective marketing strategy is one that looks more like a web, rather than a singular line.  By cohesively using valuable content, your audience lists, and digital ad tools like social media and email, you can effectively reach your audience and make enough of an impact to get them to convert eventually (contact you in some way: apply for a job, fill out a contact form, opt into your monthly newsletter, buy something from you.)

Sticky Tactic #4 Bait the Trap

No, it’s nothing nefarious, but, in order to pull someone into your marketing funnel, you need to give them something that they are interested in before asking for something from them.  Consider taking a blog topic and writing an ebook and white paper on the topic, then writing 5 more blogs all on that same topic.  When you send out the blogs via social media or your monthly newsletter, you’re baiting the “trap.”  When you then send out the ebook, make sure that folks have to give you their name and email.  NOW you can add them to your audience (Sticky Tactic #1) and consistently stay in front of them.

Sticky Tactic #5 Grow the Web 

The larger the web, the more you’ll catch (in theory.) If you begin your web of marketing tactics in the right location, with the right audience and tactics, growth is inevitable. Grow your social strategy and stay up-to-date on new social sites. Expand and refine your email strategy to stay in front of your contacts more often. Make sure your sales and recruiting teams are following up with people who give their valuable contact information.

Want to make your brand sticky and stand out better?

As you grow your business and reputation, remember that recognition is key, and reputation is king and queen.  Build a web of tactics to stay in front of the right audience and your brand will stick to them! For help developing and building a sticky marketing strategy, I’d love to help you out.  At Haley Marketing Group, we specialize in working with companies to develop and implement strategic marketing programs that hit the right audience and bring in business.

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