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Nobody wants raisins in their Halloween treat bag, right?

In many ways, the rules for shareworthy service are a lot like Halloween’s unwritten rules of engagement. So, in the spirit of the spookiest holiday of the year, here are a few staffing customer service lessons you can learn from trick-or-treat etiquette:

Spring for the good candy.

Remember the house that always gave away the king-sized candy bars when you were a kid? Of course you do! And therein lies the customer service lesson: Clients and candidates will remember (and talk about) the things you do to “wow” them. In this earlier post, I share four fun ways to impress and amaze your staffing clients and candidates.

Turn your porch light off if you forgot to buy candy or aren’t home.

Trick-or-treaters who walk up to your door, wait patiently, but then leaving empty handed feel, well, just plain tricked.

Staffing and recruiting customers are no different! So, while you should always do whatever you reasonably can to create a great customer experience, remember that saying “no” is a good policy when you know you won’t be able to meet a customer’s expectations. If a client asks you to do something you don’t have the resources, expertise or capacity for – or you know you won’t be able to place a candidate – tell them up front.

Wear a costume.

On Halloween, you should make an effort to get dressed up and really embrace the character of your costume. Why? Because trick-or-treaters expect (and love) it!

Your clients and customers bring similar expectations to your service delivery. If you want to consistently exceed those expectations, you should adopt a service mindset every morning before you go to work.

Say “please” and “thank you.”

Good manners will take you far – whether you’re at a Halloween party, escorting your kids around the neighborhood to trick-or-treat, or providing service to your customers. This post explains four fresh ways to express your appreciation to the clients and candidates who fuel your success.

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I hope these tips and resources help you provide better customer service to employers and job seekers today – and every other day of the year. And from all of us at Haley Marketing Group, “Happy Halloween!”

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